Saturday, October 11, 2014

Azorean resident dolphins

Today we encountered the three dolphin species who are resident to the Azores: bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and Risso's dolphins. These species can be seen year-round and we often resight the same groups and individuals so we get to know them very well, and who know maybe they also get to know us? The Risso's dolphins were encountered only during the morning tour, but the common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins were seen throughout the day. In the morning our vigia also sighted a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins, but they vanished without a trace before we arrived to the area. All in all it was another great dolphin day and as usual we got to see many baby dolphins, of all three species.

Photos from today:

Bottlenose dolphin outside of Ponta Delgada

Bottlenose dolphins

A pale baby bottlenose dolphin

Our catamaran Cetus with common dolphins

Juvenile common dolphin

Aboard our zodiac boat

Risso's dolphins - a dark unmarked baby with a very well marked adult female

Our catamaran with Risso's dolphins

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