Friday, October 10, 2014

Dolphin love and family time

Today we had the pleasure of spending the morning with a few nice family groups of common dolphins. In total we encountered 3 different groups of common dolphins, each of them interesting in their own way. The first group was near Ponta Delgada and although the group was small, we spotted much larger bottlenose dolphin in the group - maybe the same one as yesterday? The second group was an active one and we could see a lot of dolphin love - mating activity which is a good sign that they are creating the babies for the next summer. The third group had a lot of smaller babies in it so they were really fun to watch. The bond between mother and calf is always very strong and we could see this in the way they were swimming side by side and coordinating their movements. After our dolphin encounters we made a brief visit to the protected area of Vila Franca Islet where we saw different nesting bird species and of course the red rock crabs!

Common dolphin calf leaping alongside our boat

Dolphin love

Dolphins swimming fast on their sides - mating behaviour

Full action - ongoing mating

A beautifully coloured rock pigeon sneaking through the vegetation of Vila Franca Islet

Juvenile gull on the islet

Red rock crab

Aboard Cetus

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