Friday, October 3, 2014

Egípcio & Submarino

Egípcio and Submarino are bottlenose dolphins who we have got to know very well over the past years. Both these dolphins have very distinct dorsal fins (Egípcio's dorsal fin is a small traingle, like a pyramid and Submarino has a cut dorsal fin) so they are very easy to recognise in a crowd. We encountered them this morning among a group of about 80-100 bottlenose dolphins. We had a great time watching this large group as they jumped out of the waves and accompanied our boats, full of curiosity. In the morning we also encountered a nice group of common dolphins and later we enjoyed the coastal views of São Miguel Island.

In the afternoon we had to go further to the west to get to the bottlenose dolphins again but a different group. The sea was nice and calm and we had great views of the island, so the trip to the dolphins was a nice one. The dolphins were also well worth it as the group was socialising and they were very active. We got to see some nice high jumps and plenty of playful behaviour from these dolphins.

Photos from today:

Egípcio jumping next to our boat checking us out

Submarino with friends

Playful bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphin calf surfacing next to its mother

Bottlenose dolphin racing

Our zodiac boat in the morning with the bottlenose dolphins

Common dolphin

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