Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy dolphins and flying fish

Today we only went out in the morning and we encountered some playful common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. It was like yesterday, a bit windy and wavy and the dolphins were surfing the waves and having a great time. Unfortunately the whales from yesterday were nowhere to be seen, and we tried to find different dolphins such as spotted dolphins but they turned out to be more common dolphins. Not too bad as they are divine with their yellow color in the sunlight. We also got to see some flying fish on the way back.

Photos from today:

Common dolphin - notice the yellow colour beneath the dark dorsal

Common dolphins wave surfing

Baby bottlenose dolphin

Adult bottlenose dolphin

Enjoying the coastal views of the island

Watching Vila Franca Islet

A heron on the islet (great spotting from our biologist Ida!)

Caloura coastline on our return journey

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