Saturday, October 4, 2014

What a gift!

This morning we started with a small and calm group of common dolphins very close to the marina. They were calmly approaching the boat and letting us be with them. We soon left them to see a much larger group of bottlenose dolphins. Within minutes we were seeing and enjoying high jumps and tails sticking out of the water. A show that made our experience all more then worth it. When we were with the common dolphins we only saw adults so we hadn't seen any babies yet, but we did see some bottlenose dolphin babies. We realised that all of a sudden we were surrounded by babies, only, these were not bottlenose dolphin babies, they were spotted dolphins in the bottlenose group - such a bonus - two in one! It is always a gift to see two species interact with each other, tumbling around in the water and the two playing with each other and our boat as well.

In the afternoon we got a "larger" gift, lets say a several tons bigger: two fin whales. As if the morning was not great enough. One of the fin whales were very curious and we had a close encounter with two of the second largest animals in the world. And these whales are "winners", as they survived the whaling on Iceland and managed to start the migration down south again, so hopefully we will see them in spring. We sure hope more fin whales are lucky. We also encountered common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins

Photo from this morning:

Bottlenose dolphin

Spotted dolphin and bottlenose dolphin

Our swimming boat

Photos from the afternoon:

One of the two adult fin whales we encountered

Bottlenose dolphin

Eye to eye with a wild bottlenose dolphin - there's nothing like it!

Bottlenose dolphins

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