Sunday, November 16, 2014

A morning with 12 whales!

Today we had a morning spent well with a group of at least 12 sperm whales! After many days of being restricted to land due to bad weather it was great to be able to go out this morning and even better to be able to show our passengers a group of our resident sperm whales. Our first stop was to spend some time with a small group of common dolphins. Then the sperm whales kept us happy for the rest of the morning. We were content with the first whales, especially after the second one showed us a nice tail when it went on a deep dive, but to our surprise there were more whales in the area then we expected! Every time we tried to leave the area to turn back to Ponta Delgada we were surprised to come across another sperm whale at the surface. The first of these surprises was when one of our clients on the top deck of the catamaran spotted 3 sperm whales at the surface together. In total we counted 12 whales in the area! From looking at our photos we do not recognise any of the individuals so this may be new family group that we have not seen here before. 

The second whale of the day

Rainblow! Sometimes when the light is just right the whale's blow appears as a rainbow

Two of the 3 whales at the surface together

Watching a sperm whale from the top deck of our catamaran

Common dolphin jumping next to our catamaran

Common dolphins

 Common dolphins

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