Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Baby dolphins

This morning we went out to swim with and observe some of the dolphins that we have here in the Azores. We had both common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins out there and we had some great experiences with them. For many of us the highlight of the tour was the presence of many baby dolphins of both species. Summer may be over, but we are still seeing plenty of little ones, including some newborns. We started by encountering the common dolphins which were nearer to Ponta Delgada. We observed a group of about 60 dolphins who were together with many birds (mostly Cory's shearwaters), probably feeding together on small fish at the surface. Our dolphin swimmers stayed with these common dolphins while our catamaran continued further offshore to see the bottlenose dolphins. The bottlenose dolphins were delightful to watch as they spent most of their time simply accompanying our boat and apparently doing human watching while we were watching them. It was here that we saw some very young pale baby dolphins.

Two baby bottlenose dolphins jumping

Manx shearwater taking flight

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