Friday, November 7, 2014

Mr Liable is around

Today, in the morning, we had an amazing whale watching tour. We can say that the nature worked in our favour: many cetaceans and perfect weather and sea conditions. Just in front of the marina we had a small group of common dolphins. We observed them just for a few minutes because our lookout spotted a bigger group of cetaceans further out. We could identify them from a distance, big sized and grey dolphins: bottlenose dolphins. It was an incredible encounter with these intelligent animals and there were more than 70 individuals swimming and bowriding close to us. It is always interesting to see both common and bottlenose dolphins and check the differences in their colouration, size and behaviour. While we were enjoying the encounter we heard good news from our lookout; he found a whale! We traveled closer to the shore, and suddenly our catamaran crew spotted a blow just in front of the boat. It was our resident whale species: sperm whale, and even more resident as it was our famous Mr Liable. He is a large male, already well known because we saw him in many previous encounters. He is normally predictable in terms of where and when he is going to appear at the surface and has a beautiful and big tail (for these reasons we gave him the name Mr Liable). On our way back to the coastline we had another encounters with the common dolphins; it was a larger and more active group than before and finally back to the marina, finishing with big smiles and happy clients.

In the afternoon, we tried to resight Mr Liable, the sperm whale, but unfortunately we did not find him. We tried to predict when and were he was going to surface but we can't control him, and we sure don't want to. So in the afternoon we had to be happy, and we were, with playful common dolphins that had new born babies around.

Photos from the morning:

Mr Liable's head as he is resting at the surface

Mr Liable diving

Common dolphin looking at us

Bottlenose dolphins "running"

Aboard Cetus, with a jumping bottlenose dolphins playing with us

Bottlenose dolphin slicing through a wave

Our zodiac boat this morning

Photos from the afternoon:

Common dolphin leaping alongside out catamaran Cetus

Watching the dolphins from the bow

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