Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rainbow (the whale) with family

Today we had rainbows and Rainbow the whale. It was a rainy morning here in São Miguel but due to the hard work of our lookouts we encountered our well-known sperm whale group of Orca, Bear Paw, Marble, Iris and a young one. The young one was identified in June and now by the dorsal fin we could re-identify it, and it got its name today: Rainbow, as we saw it under a wonderful rainbow. There are more whales in this group but we spent the morning with five of them as there were more animals to see. We also encountered a large group of common dolphins chasing pipefish. They were around the sperm whales and we saw some nice jumps from the dolphins and some bowriding. Our swimming boat enjoyed the company of bottlenose dolphins. When it comes to birds we got to see our two most sighted species: Cory's shearwater and yellow-legged gulls, but also a Manx shearwater was flying around.

Photos from today:

The whale called "Rainbow" under a rainbow making a rainbow blow

"Bear Paw" (Björntass) diving

One of the sperm whales "Marble" diving

"Iris" diving

A sperm whale calf called "Rainbow" under a rainbow

The left angled blowhole of a sperm whale, "Orca"

"Orca" and "Rainbow"

Common dolphin mother and calf pair

Pipefish jumping out of the water as they were being chased by hungry common dolphins

Common dolphin leaping after its food

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