Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Today we had a morning of sperm whales, and we started with two adults that dived together raising their tails high out of the water (perfect for photos). We did not have wait long for the next whale to surface. We stayed some time with a smaller female that slowly came closer to us and we could see her very well and hear her blow. Then, surprise! A small new born calf popped up by her side. The little calf stayed between us and the mother maybe being curious as most babies are. Our lookout Roberto had seen the calf earlier jumping and talked on the radio with us about the baby, so we named it after him: Roberto. Soon the mother dived as well, the calf stayed a bit with us and after a few minutes Roberto started to swim away from us and we left him alone to see some dolphins. We found a great group of bottlenose dolphins and later common dolphins as well. What a fantastic morning on the sea.

Video of the common dolphins bowriding

Photos from today:

Two sperm whales diving

Sperm whale adult with a newborn baby we have named "Roberto"

Roberto - the baby sperm whale

Bottlenose dolphins


Common dolphin looking at the boat

Some love :)

A perfect morning out on the ocean

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