Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday dolphins, egrets and herons

Today was a day of wildlife. We encountered both common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. The bottlenose dolphins were active and full of energy as they jumped several meters up in the air, sticking their heads out off the water and rolling around in the water. This was clearly courtship behaviour and we had the luck to see the strong males show of for the females (and our clients). On our way back we passed by Vila Franca Islet and we got to see lots of birds flying around, at least seven little egrets, a great blue heron, the usual yellowlegged gulls and rock pigeons. On the way towards Ponta Delgada we got to see even more little egrets flying around. And right now out at sea we have the joy to see the juvenile Cory's shearwaters learning to fly. 

Photos from today:

Bottlenose dolphin jump sequence

Can you spot all seven egrets?

Great blue heron landing on Vila Franca islet

Our zodiacs out on the big blue with dolphins

One of our zodiacs going around Vila Franca islet

The other zodiac watching bottlenose dolphins

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