Saturday, November 8, 2014

Taking part in photo ID with Mr Liable

Today we started with some common dolphins with babies but they were not to interested in us so very soon we left them to go and see our well-known Mr. Liable - the great male sperm whale that we can rely on to give us a spectacular show. When we encounter him we can rely on him to stay for a while at the surface to let us see his majestic blow and that he will give a high tail out of the water. This by itself made our day, but like that wasn't enough we ended our tour with a species mix of bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, Cory's shearwaters, yellowlegged gulls and a loggerhead turtle. All in the same small area. It was a great pleasure to see the two different dolphin species interact with each other in a calm and playful way. Sometimes we can see one species annoy the other but that was not the case this morning. We couldn't ask for more, we had a wonderful tour with happy clients, happy crew and lookouts. After the tour we returned to our office and we all took part in some research and photo identification while drinking some green tea. We compared the fluke we got to the fluke we have in our catalogue of Mr. Liable, and we looked at the different marks we use to identify the them. So today small group of sperm whale identification experts left our office. Thank you for taking part and showing an interest in our research.

The left angled blowhole of a sperm whale

Mr. Liable and a Cory's shearwater

Mr. Liable diving

The friendly face of a bottlenose dolphin

Common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and Cory's shearwater all together

A shy loggerhead turtle that didn't want to surface

Our skipper Mário picking up plastic from the ocean

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin tailslapping

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