Monday, November 24, 2014

The taste of the Atlantic

Dolphins are fun, that is for sure! Today we enjoyed the energy of common dolphin babies all around us. They were not super curious and stayed a little bit away from us and checking us out from a distant. but slowly they came closer and closer and started to swim under our boat and looking up at us so that we could see their ghost-like shadows below. We got to see a few jumps too, but then a cargo ship passed by and according to the dolphins - the big boat is more fun! They all took of to bowride the big one and we got to see even more jumps. The two zodiacs we had on the sea today split up and one went searching for animals offshore while the other one tried inshore. We were both lucky in different ways, those that went offshore passed by a loggerhead turtle, but it dived so we couldn't stop and see it. The inshore boat came across a group of bottlenose dolphins. But something we all got was a free shower from the Atlantic ocean as the wind was blowing sea spray aboard and we got pretty wet. 

A baby common dolphin passing just behind the zodiac Cafre

In a silver sea

Where are the dolphins going? To the big boat!

Cargo ship Furnas

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