Friday, November 21, 2014

Our resident dolphins and rainbows

Today we had another wonderful morning out on the ocean with many great moments. Like yesterday the morning was made more colourful by the presence of many rainbows, starting from the moment we left Ponta Delgada marina. The rainbows came and went throughout all our encounters, starting with common dolphins, following with bottlenose dolphins and ending with Risso's dolphins. For most people aboard the Risso's dolphin encounter was the most special of the morning. We lucky that they were not being as shy as usual. Actually it was quite the opposite, as they stayed around our boat and seemed to be checking us out. This was also the moment that we had the best and brightest rainbows and the ocean was very calm. The conditions made for some very magical moments that we will not forget.

Photos from this morning:

Leaving Ponta Delgada aboard our catamaran "Cetus"

Watching common dolphins from the bow

One of our young dolphin watchers looking down at common dolphins from the bow

Bottlenose dolphin wave surfing

 A fishing boat and many birds around the bottlenose dolphins - all going after the same fish

A very white and very adult Risso's dolphin

A dark juvenile Risso's dolphin (over time they become white)

A Risso's dolphin and a faint rainbow over Vila franca do Campo

The beautiful markings on the Risso's dolphins help us to identify the individuals

A playful Risso's dolphin jumping

The final rainbow over the Risso's dolphins

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