Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Beautiful dolphins

This morning we had a pleasant trip out on the ocean. Although we still had some swell from recent strong winds, we had a fun ride over the rolling waves and the sun was out to warm our faces. Throughout the morning we encountered several groups of common dolphins spread along the south coast of São Miguel island. The largest group was made up of about 30 dolphins, including some juveniles. As they often are these dolphins were very curious and playful around our boat. At one point they were also feeding on a school of fish beneath the surface. One of our crew members also spotted a loggerhead turtle and as usual there were also many seabirds (including great skuas that migrate to the Azores for the winter) out there for us to see. All in all we got to see a lot out there on this lovely winter's day.

Leaping common dolphins

Great skua (a winter sighting)

Yellow legged gull (a common sighting in the Azores)

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