Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dolphins and a mystery whale

Today we went out with zodiacs and we encountered our well-known bottlenose dolphin group that includes Egípcio and Submarino. There were, as usual, about 80 dolphins in the group and they were very active and playful around the boats. We soon left them as our lookout had seen the blow from a whale, so we sent one boat inshore to search and one offshore. We spent a lot of time searching for this mysterious baleen whale, that according to out lookout seemed to be a humpback whale, but we never found it so it will remain a mystery. In the end we tried to get back to the bottlenose dolphins again to at least enjoy them, but instead we got another species: common dolphins. It was, despite no whale, a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning. 

Bottlenose dolphin with a rainbow blow (can you see the rainbow?)

The distinct "pyramid shaped" fin of Egípcio

Two bottlenose dolphins jumping so close my camera barely can't handle it

Common dolphin


Aboard one zodiac "João Vigia"

The other zodiac "Cafre" with common dolphins

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for that lovely trip. We enjoyed it so much, one of the greatest experiences in my life! Once we come back to the Acores we will enjoy a day with Futurismo again!
Best wishes from Germany

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