Monday, December 8, 2014

Egípcio and Submarino giving a show

Today the catamaran left the marina to find whales and dolphins, and also a zodiac for swimming with dolphins. We had the luck of encountering the group from yesterday, Egípcio's and Submarino's family. They are bottlenose dolphins, and we have seen them for many, many years now. The group of about 80 dolphins completely surrounded us and we had dolphins jumping everywhere. What a joy! We later went inshore to experience the joy of common dolphins as well. They were more calm but still they played around and did some bowriding in the front. Our swimming boat stayed offshore to swim with the bottlenose dolphins and later during their trip they saw a small group of pilot whales, the second largest dolphin species in the world!

Bottlenose dolphin

The distinct "pyramid shaped" fin of Egípcio,
compare to yesterdays dolphin :)


Watching dolphins aboard Cetus

Common dolphin

Our swimming boat with bottlenose dolphins

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