Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dolphin babies and a blow from a fin whale

Today we had some fin whales around that were to busy to stay around us, but the baleen whale season is here. We went to one area to try to see one but we only got to see the blow and nothing more. Our lookout saw a few more blows to far out for us to go there. But, we had some wonderful time with dolphins. We started with a group of bottlenose dolphin juveniles. We looked around to try to spot the adults but they were not in the same area. We spent some time with common dolphins as well that had some new born babies playing and jumping around. Among the common dolphins we also spotted a loggerhead turtle. On our way back we came across the bottlenose dolphins again and this time the juveniles and adults were together. The adults were busy making babies so we got to see some physical activity on the surface. Even though we did not see the whale very well we had a busy morning full of species and sightings - in other words: a morning well spent.

A rainblow from a bottlenose dolphin

One of the juvenile bottlenose dolphins

Common dolphin

I believe everybody aboard the boat today remembers 
this headbanging juvenile common dolphin next to us

The loggerhead turtle

Photos of the bottlenose dolphins mating

Aboard João Vigia
(can you spot the dorsalfin in the water from a common dolphin?)

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