Friday, January 23, 2015

Fin whale fun!

Has the baleen whale season started, for real? We sure hope so. Today we had an amazing time with three fin whales. They were extremely curious and swimming around our three boats, blowing their powerful blow just a few meter away, sometimes really surprising us and our hearts started beating a little bit faster. As you all know we have rules on how close we can go, but the whales have know the rules, they do as they please. At one point we had all three of them following our larger boat "Song of Whales" - and it felt like they were extra curious towards this boat. All in all I think we also got to see at least 10 loggerhead turtles and we ended the tour with common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins.

Lots of photos today, I couldn't choose "just a few".
And to all of you on board our boats today: enjoy!

Romantic feeling

Curious fin whale approaching Song of Whales

Two fin whales following Song of Whales

Close up

The nostrils of a fin whale

Watching common dolphins

To close for my camera ;)

Common dolphins mating

Bottlenose dolphins

One of many loggerhead turtles today

Happy crew (meet Sandy and Stan)

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