Friday, January 16, 2015

Humpback whale and hundreds of dolphins

Today we had a beautiful morning out at sea with a calm silver ocean and three species of cetaceans. We started with a curious group of bottlenose dolphin looking back at us, and then we got surrounded by about a hundred common dolphins. They were busy around the fishing boats but still they came to us and we got to see some small calves. We got some jumping and I think they never stopped bowriding our larger boat Song of Whales. Then we had a backstep when one of our boats had a small problem with the engine but nothing that our skippers couldn't fix at sea very quickly. Its very important to always give a helping hand out at sea and we got a lovely rewards for doing so: a humpback whale! An adult humpback whale appeared in front of us and we all were so happy to see this majestic animal. This whale was curious swimming under and close to our boats. It didn't jump or lobtail but just being so close to such beauty makes us all humble and its a memory for life. The baleen whale season starts early this year so lets hope it continues this way.

Photos from today:

Humpback whale fluking

Bottlenose dolphin

Aboard Song of Whales

Common dolphin

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