Thursday, January 29, 2015

Magical time with dolphins

Today we went swimming with dolphins, and we sure had a magical time out there on the big blue with bottlenose dolphins. We had a large group of about 30-40 dolphins around but a bit spread out so we could pick and choose who to swim with. Every swim is very unique, just as every dolphin is unique. They were curious and came close to our clients, swimming sometimes just no more then a meter away, looking at them and swimming under them. Other times they stayed further away. The dolphins were quite today, we did not hear much singing but a little bit could be heard. Just being in the water with these beauties is sometimes enough to change your life to the better, but especially your vacation!

Bottlenose dolphin

A bottlenose dolphin next to us looking at our swimmers

Our skipper Veri on the radio with our lookout

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