Thursday, January 22, 2015

More fins then waves on the ocean

Today we started with common dolphins and they were everywhere and all around. We later encountered several groups of bottlenose dolphins. Felt like the entire west part of São Miguel was full of dolphins. More fins in the water then waves, maybe because the sea was flat like a mirror. After spending plenty of fun time with the dolphins we went off shore to search for other species but we did not find anything larger - instead we saw three loggerhead turtles. On our way back we decided to pass the dolphins again but this time we ended up with a mixture of common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins playing around. It was truly a gift to have the pleasure to see the interaction between the two species. 

To see a video from today click HERE
(of the common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins together)

Bottlenose dolphins

One of three loggerhead turtles

Common dolphins

Watching common dolphins

And a happy birthday to our skipper Veríssimo

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