Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Old friends visit us: Victor, Submarino and Egípcio

Some of our old dolphin friends visited us today, we have some dolphins that we see from time to time and even from far away we recognise them right away. Victor is a common dolphin with a flopped fin that we have seen since he was a calf. Part from Victor we got to see his family too of about 100 dolphins or more. Today it felt like the sea was full of common dolphins as we saw at least four different groups, two with more then 50 dolphins. Next stop was Submarino and Ecípcio, two bottlenose dolphins belonging to a large group of about 80 dolphins. They were a delight to watch as Submarino with family spent a lot of time close to us and diving under us. Both species had lots of small calves among them as well, but especially the bottlenose dolphin babies were playful jumping a lot.

Common dolphin

Watching Victors family (common dolphin)

Mating going on

Victor (behind) and a common dolphin with normal dorsal fin

Hello! Said the bottlenose dolphins

Submarino swimming by

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