Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Surfing with dolphins

This morning we had a great time out on the ocean, surfing the waves with dolphins. First we encountered a group of more than 100 common dolphins near Ponta Delgada. The large group was spread out but we could always enjoy the company of the curious dolphins as small groups were taking turns to check us out. The next encounter was with a group of bottlenose dolphins a bit further out where the swell was larger. It was this group of about 40 dolphins that was making the most of surfing in the swell. It was a really amazing experience riding alongside these dolphins and seeing them through the waves and leaping out of the back of them. After searching further to the west of the island we enjoyed a coastal ride back with nice views of the São Miguel coastline along the way.

Bottlenose dolphins surfing in the waves

Common dolphins near Ponta Delgada

Second winter Mediterranean gull


Federico said...

that is a second winter mediterranean gull and not a black-headed gull.

Ida Eriksson said...

Thank you :)

What detail do you look for to separate the two?
I have been googling a bit but its diffecult ;) I'm not a bird expert ;)
The blackheaded has a clearer spot?

Federico said...

look at the wing tip, too much white for a black headed. The yellow tip of the beak isn't tipical for black headed and also the black behind the eye is different in ridibundus. here http://www.gull-research.org/ lots of info about gulls

Ida Eriksson said...

Thank you :)
Always good to learn more.

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