Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The colours of winter

Despite still being winter, today we had a very colourful morning out on the ocean. When we first left Ponta Delgada marina and encountered bottlenose dolphins nearby, the orange colours of the sunrise were still on the horizon. It was a beautiful backdrop as the group of about 30 bottlenose dolphins were surfacing around our boat. Further to the east we encountered some smaller groups of common dolphins. The last group we were with were very curious and had a small calf among them. The whole group always stayed near our boat and often dived underneath while the dolphins turned on their sides to look up at us. After our dolphin encounters we went around Vila Franca islet to see the interesting volcanic rock formations and try to spot some different wildlife. Among the usual yellow-legged gulls and rock pigeons we also managed to spot a great blue heron gracefully gliding over the lagoon. On our way back to Ponta Delgada we traveled close along the south coast of São Miguel island so we could enjoy the views of the rugged coastline in the nice sunshine of the late morning.

Bottlenose dolphin in the first light of the morning

Watching bottlenose dolphins near our boat

Bottlenose dolphin wave surfing

Common dolphin

Common dolphin with Vila Franca in the background

Looking at the port of Caloura

Our skipper Veríssimo and our newest biologist Sara

Enjoying the ride back to Ponta Delgada

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