Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Awesome wild dolphins

Today we had some fantastic encounters with wild dolphins in the Azores. We had clients swimming with common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins off one of our zodiac boats while the rest of us were enjoying the views of the dolphins from aboard our catamaran Cetus. As is often the case, the dolphins were very playful and curious towards us. We instantly recognised the group of bottlenose dolphins as recently we have encountered these particular ones regularly here along the south coast of São Miguel island. After searching offshore for a mystery whale blow that our lookout had spotted once (unfortunately we never found the whale but we had a nice ride) we came across a large group of striped dolphins on our way back in to shore. The group of about 50 dolphins was very energetic as they were "running" through the water. We spotted many tiny calves in this group, giving us a great end to our tour!

Video of the stripe dolphins "running"

Making eye contact with a curious bottlenose dolphin

"Bubbelmaker" in the front and a pale friend 

Swimming with bottlenose dolphins

Common dolphins

Cory's shearwaters are now every day in large numbers

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