Monday, February 9, 2015

Azores marine diversity

Today we have a big list of different types of marine life that we encountered. In both the morning and afternoon we went out on the ocean and had plenty to see. The cetaceans for the day were bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins. We had some wonderful encounters with them on both tours, never far from the coastline. The bottlenose dolphins were especially close today, staying near to Ponta Delgada throughout the day. Other species we spotted today were 2 loggerhead turtles in the afternoon, jellyfish, many seabirds including several great skuas and two northern gannets in the afternoon. On our way back along the coastline in the afternoon we also spotted our first Cory's shearwater of the year!

Photos from the morning:

Bottlenose dolphins outside Ponta Delgada marina

Photos from the afternoon:

A perfect ID photo. 
You can see the natural marking that allows us to tell one dolphin from another.

Common dolphin

This afternoon the common dolphins enjoyed bowriding with our catamaran

Aboard Cetus

Loggerhead turtle

Great skua

Northern gannet

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