Thursday, February 12, 2015

Humpback whales put on a show in São Miguel

This afternoon we had, again, a really fantastic whale and dolphin watching tour. We saw 3 different cetacean species: our already friendly bottlenose dolphin and common dolphin and the surprise of the day...humpback whale! The bottlenose dolphin were near Ponta Delgada and beautiful as usual. Our lookouts told us that they had spotted several blows in the area of Ribeira Quente, so of we went to investigate. When we arrived to the area something fantastic happened... we were greeted with a magical gift: wonderful jumps from a humpback whale. There were two whales. a mother with her baby. We saw at least 10 jumps so we got an amazing show. We also saw seabirds including the glaucous gull. All tours are different and really amazing in their own way. Today we got a nice surprise indeed.

Close encounter

Watching bottlenose dolphins 

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Ingrid from Germany said...

Wow Ida. Great pictures. Fantastic. Every Day I have a look to your Website. I love it. We stay in Oktober 2014 and saw Mr. Liabel. We are great Fans in Germany.

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