Friday, February 20, 2015

Springtime dolphins

Today we started our whale watching with a large group of striped dolphins acting as typical striped dolphins: leaping our of the water and changing direction all the time, and jumping high once in a while. Watching striped dolphins give us the feeling of dolphin party, maybe they know its Friday? Time to celebrate with energy and by jumping high! We mainly see these dolphins in spring time. We also encountered some residents; bottlenose dolphin which focused their energy on socializing and baby-making, and a calm group of common dolphins that was not really interested in us. We have been seeing a few Cory's shearwaters the last week as well but today we saw a flock of them sailing over the waves and also a great skua.

Striped dolphins

Watching striped dolphins

Striped dolphins

Hello from a bottlenose dolphin


Common dolphin

The ride back aboard our catamaran

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