Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Whale tales

Today we had a wonderful afternoon with sperm whales far out to the west. But we started the tour with a small group of common dolphins before we began the long journey to the sperm whales. We didn't have to wait long for the first blow from a female whale. She didn't stay long on the surface and gave us quickly a wonderful tail. Two more blows! A female and a juvenile but they didn't want the boat there and left us. Of course we respect this and stay away from them, leaving them alone to do what they want. Soon two more blows were in sight. One to the west and one to the east - we love when there are so many animals out there that we can't see them all. We slowly approached the one closer to us. And it stayed for a long time just logging and resting on the surface before raising the tail high up in the air! A sight to never forget. 
On our way back two of our biologists saw a large animal with a tall fin surfacing in the front of us. We stopped for a while, looking around to see if this mysterious animal would come up again but it didn't. It did look a bit like a sei whale but we can't confirm. Maybe we will see this one tomorrow. 
Some birds are to add to the list too: great skua, Northern gannet, yellow-legged gull, blackheaded gull (still with summer plumage), Azorean buzzard and kittiwakes

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