Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bowriding? Today: backriding!

Today we had groups of bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins around. At first they were a bit shy, or maybe hungry, as there was a lot of fish in the water, so probably they were filling up their bellies with breakfast. Later on they got really curious and playful. We had some bowriding and riding the waves in the front of the boat, but the bottlenose dolphins started "backriding" in the back instead (not wakeriding - when they ride the waves created in the back). No, they started backriding when we were going away from them. We started backing away and they swam to the back to ride there. Well, with wild animals you learn something new every day. If the dolphins want - the dolphins want and we had fun time watching them. We also got to see a Northern gannet, lots of Cory's shearwaters and a a quick glimpse of a loggerhead turtle as it dived.

Bottlenose dolphin


Northern gannet

Common dolphin

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