Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fin whales come and go

Fin whales are still around São Miguel island, always surprising us by appearing and dissapearing. Sometimes our lookouts see them, other times not. In the morning we were lucky to encounter them from our whale watching boat. We ended up seeing two fin adult fin whales. They surprised us a few times by surfacing next to our boat, just when we thought they were diving deep. In the afternoon we did not find the fin whales again, but we did see common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins in both the morning and afternoon. At the end of the afternoon we also passed Vila Franca islet to see some of the coastal marine life, such as the seabirds that are nesting there.

One of the fin whales from the morning

Bottlenose dolphins (mating)

I know there is a girl in this photo - that looooves dolphins - this is for you, mermaid!

This photo is to you who are in this photo - just because you look so cool with the dolphin

Common dolphin

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