Saturday, March 7, 2015

Morning: breakfast and afternoon: baby-making

Today we spent both the morning and the afternoon in the company of common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. The morning was the time of food, we started with bottlenose dolphins close to the shoreline searching for food, maybe some tasty shrimp or octopus for breakfast. Further out we had many feeding groups of common dolphins and marine birds such as Cory's shearwaters and great skuas. The afternoon turned different with the bottlenose dolphins closer to shore but in a different mood: mating! And later on common dolphins with the same behaviour of baby focus and around our boat we had some newborn curious babies, but in this group we also had one bottlenose dolphin. We got to see what the great whales eat, we found a lonely krill swimming around. So, for all of us, a lovely Saturday. 

Photos from the morning:

Common dolphin

Common dolphin jumping next to us

Bottlenose dolphin

Great skua

Red rock crab

Viewing Vila Franca Islet

Photos from the afternoon:

Bottlenose dolphins

Mating behaviour

The krill

Little egret

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