Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Swimming: Close encounter with a loggerhead turtle

Today during our swimming tour we had a great time with common dolphins. They stayed around us and the swimmers could stay long time in the water having dolphins coming and going around them. But one of the best moments must have been one of many loggerhead turtles spotted. Our swimmers entered the water and the turtle stayed calm and slowly came closer to them. Then it turned very curious and I think the turtle wanted a better look at the humans floating on the surface. It flopped around and had a look at the swimmers, and there was a unique moment where the turtle and one swimmer got eye contact. Then it stayed around them before slowly diving under them and into the deep. I'm so curious about this peculiar turtle, what was it thinking and feeling? 
We ended the tour with a swim with our two Bubblemakers - two bottlenose dolphins, and our swimmers could experience the great size difference between the two species.

Our whale watchers saw common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and striped dolphins.

Photos from the swimming tour:

Old video of our two famous Bubblemakers

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