Monday, March 30, 2015

Whale blows and dolphins

This morning we set out to see some large whales our lookout had seen straight out from Ponta Delgada.  The large whales were one of the baleen whale species that we encounter frequently in the Azores during the spring. We managed to find two individuals and from the vertical blows we could make out that they were baleen whales. Unfotunately the blows is all that we managed to see, even after patiently waiting for them to come up for more than one blow per surfacing. We never got to see the body of one of these whales so we cannot say exactly which species we were seeing. It seems that the whales were more interested in staying down, perhaps to search for food. While the whales had their diving time a group of bottlenose dolphins closer to shore was enjoying some social time. We ended up having a nice encounter with these dolphins and we got to see a lot of physical activity between the dolphins. It was our resident group that we have been seeing almost every day recently, so it was nice to see some familiar fins.

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