Friday, April 17, 2015

A beautiful morning with whales

We had a beautiful morning today, sun shining and fin whales waiting for us! We started the trip going straight for the whales, following the instructions of our look outs. We enjoyed the company of two fin whales for a while, they were doing dives for seven minutes more or less and once on the surface we were able to see the distinct white coloration of the right side of the lower jaw. The fin whales were amazing but we wanted more! So, once again with the help of the look outs we could find a group of our resident bottlenose dolphins . They were spread out in a big area but we could see some of them really close to our boat. We were happy to see our friend Egípcio in this group. Coming back to the marina we could also see some species of sea birds like common terns and yellow legged gulls, of course during the entire trip we came across many Cory´s shearwaters. Despite of the sun during the morning, we had to cancel the trip in the afternoon due to the weather conditions (strong winds and rough sea) but we hope you enjoyed the pictures from the lovely morning!

Photos from the morning:

Fin whale

Bottlenose dolphins


Bottlenose dolphins with our boat Cafre

Common tern

Ponta Delgada

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