Friday, April 10, 2015

A day of fin whales

Today was a fin whale day in São Miguel. In the morning we encountered 4 fin whales and in the afternoon 3 different ones. All of our whale watchers were lucky to have some really nice encounters with these huge whales. First thing in the morning when our zodiac boats were with the whales they had their typical diving and surfacing behaviour. Later when our catamaran was with them they started travelling east, impressing us with their power and fast speeds that they can reach - their speed is the reason for their nickname, the greyhounds of the sea! There were also dolphins around in the morning; just a few common dolphins and a nice group of bottlenose dolphins that our swimmers had a nice time with in the water. In the afternoon the swimming with dolphins experience was even more wonderful. Once again it was the bottlenose dolphins that our swimmers were with and this time they were exceptionally curious. Some of our lucky clients got some great underwater photos as they dolphins were repeatedly approaching them very close! The whale watchers in the afternoon started out with the fin whales, which were just as beautiful as the ones encountered in the morning. On the way back they also encountered the bottlenose dolphins to put a nice end to the day. As well as whales and dolphins today we also encountered several loggerhead turtles and some keen watchers also spotted flying fish. 

Photos from the morning:

Photos from the afternoon:

A familiar fin that belongs to a bottlenose dolphin we call "Egípcio"

Today we saw many different dorsal fins the ones we have been seeing during the past months. It's nice to see a different yet still familiar resident group visiting São Miguel!

A juvenile surfacing next to its mother

Our boat "Song of Whales"

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