Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A day with giants

Today we started our trip with two majestic blue whales not to far away. We had wonderful moments when the two came up together and then slowly came closer to us. We could hear their blows and clearly follow their blue shadows under the surface. But we soon had to leave them as we had more to see. Further out we had a family of sperm whales. When we arrived we had blows everywhere but there were already some boats with these ones, so we waited for more whales for us. We started with three whales, a young female with a juvenile and calf. They stayed on the surface for a while, making shallow and short dives and moving away from us, so we went for a larger blow. We ended up with a large male, first thought to be Mr. Liable, but turned he out to be a new whale. he stayed long on the surface, sometimes rolling around but never giving us a tail. We stayed some time with him and waited, but only saw parts of the fluke has he played around. Then time was up and we had to head back to Ponta Delgada, but it sure was an amazing morning with the giants of the sea.

Wait, wait, what about dolphins? From the whale watching is was one of those rare days without dolphins, but our swimming boat had a great time with bottlenose dolphins.

The spots we use to identify blue whales

Blue whale surfacing to breathe

Watching one of the blue whales from our catamaran

Sperm whale and São Miguel

3 sperm whales at the surface - an adult female with two little ones on either side of her

 Big male sperm whale surrounded by gulls

Aboard Cetus

Another addition to our sightings list - a common tern

Please don't sh.... ;)

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