Monday, April 20, 2015

A perfect calm day with 4 calm fin whales and dolphins

Spring is back in São Miguel! After a few days of bad weather we finally had a break and today we could enjoyed a flat sea full of marine live!

In the morning the first species that we saw was the fin whale, and not just one... a group of four travelling together. It was so beautiful to see them breaking the surface of the blue ocean together! They were really curious towards our boats, surfacing right next to us several times.

After the whales, we went to see a group of common dolphins that were bow ridding in front of a sailing vessel. In our way back, right close to our marina we found the group of bottlenose dolphins that we all know really well, the group of Bubblemaker! a nice last surprise to our lucky guests.

The afternoon was just as nice. The sea was still very calm and we started the tour with 4 fin whales once again. Just like the morning they were calm and we got to see them really well. From our catamaran we got a nice view looking down at the shadows of their huge bodies travelling just beneath the surface between breaths. As in the morning we also ended the afternoon tour with the same group of bottlenose dolphins - the group of Bubblemaker.

During the day, thanks to the perfect sea conditions we saw many loggerhead turtles at the surface together with jelly fish and salps.

Photos from the morning:

Fin whale surfacing - right side

Fin whale surfacing - left side

Fin whale

Watching the "rainblow" of a fin whale

3 fin whales at the surface together

Common dolphin

Common dolphins bowriding in front of a passing yacht

Bottlenose dolphin

Dolphin watching

Enjoying the front of the catamaran

Aboard our zodiac on a perfect ocean

Photos from the afternoon:

Fin whale blow

Watching one of the fin whales from the front of our catamaran

The second bigest animal in the world!

Bottlenose dolphin

The famous dolphin "Bubblemaker" surfacing

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