Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fin whales and three dolphin species

Today we had a morning with fin whales and bottlenose dolphins. We had 3 fin whales -  a big adult, a smaller adult and a young one, and they all were very curious and started coming closer and closer to us. We sure had a close and personal encounter with them, connecting with the second largest animal in the world. We also had swimming with dolphins and they had a wonderful time with the bottlenose dolphins, and since the whales were close the swimmers came by to say Hello as well. In the afternoon we didn't get to see the whales as they had left the area, but instead we encountered three species of dolphins: bottlenose, common and striped dolphins. It was not easy to see the first two species, but the third one gave a party that will stay in the memory for a long time. Lots of jumping and leaping!

Photos from the morning:

Bottlenose dolphins

Watching and swimming with dolphins

Fin whale breaking the surface

Fin whale and a Cory's shearwater

Fin whale blow

Spot the juvenile fin whale behind the big adult!

Watching one of the fin whales at the surface

Loggerhead turtle

Photos from the afternoon:

Watching bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins

Watching bottlenose dolphins

A common dolphin in front of our catamaran

Striped dolphins

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