Saturday, April 25, 2015

The great blue

Another day with the great blue! We started of with a group of shy common dolphins surfing the waves and not caring to much about us, so we took of the investigate a blow that our lookout saw. It was a bit rough out there but soon we saw the blow and a light blue shadow in the water - we got a blue whale! Compared to the common dolphins this whale was more curious then them, making circles right in front of us a few times and we could see it so well through the water as it was playing around. It was fast today and surfaced far away from us and as we had seen it so well we started to head back. But just outside of the marina we encountered a very curious group of bottlenose dolphins to put a nice end to our tour.

The blow from a great blue

The blowholes of the great blue whale

Watching the light blue colour of the blue whale through the water

Common dolphins


Bottlenose dolphin

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