Thursday, April 9, 2015

The small and playful ones

Today we had a playful day on a calm sea with both common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins, morning and afternoon. The bottlenose dolphins were the same friendly group that we have seen for more then a year now and almost everyday; Bubblemakers family. They were active at the surface (and under surface too) making babies. The common dolphins had already done this and we got to enjoy the result: lots of small newborn babies. So cute and playful. We also were lucky to see common tern, Cory's shearwater, yellow-legged gull, three Manx shearwaters, little egret, buzzardsloggerhead turtles, salps and flying fish.

Photos from the morning:

Common dolphin baby

Mother and baby

Leaping bottlenose dolphin

Swimming with bottlenose dolphins

A close encounter

Enjoying the ride

Loggerhead turtle waving hello

Photos from the afternoon:

 Bottlenose dolphins

Watching bottlenose dolphins

Watching common dolphins

A beautiful little egret on Vila Franca Islet

Swimming with bottlenose dolphins

Enjoying the sunshine on our catamaran

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