Thursday, May 28, 2015

A day of whale watching in São Miguel

Today in the morning we had an amazing tour aboard our zodiac. We started with sei whales, the third largest animal in the world. At first, we found one, but a few minutes later more and more whales surfaced. In the end, they were about 4 whales in the area. They are one of the fastest whales and today they demostrated their speed by swimming really fast off the coastline of Lagoa. After a while, we left them and continued our trip towards the dolphins. The beautiful common dolphins were close to the shore, off Galera, jumping and bowriding next to us with many babies in the group. During that time we could also encounter a loggerhead turttle in the middle of the dolphin pod, very cute and relaxed. We can find these dolphins and whales really close to the shore because off these volcanic islands the continental shelf is very narrow so we have very deep waters close to shore.

In the afternoon we were just as lucky as in the morning. This time we encountered fin whales, the second largest animal in the world. We ended up seeing 3 adults, all of them very large and often curious like giant dolphins. On there last surfacing that we were with them all 3 of them suddenly turned towards us and passed close in front of our bow. Even when they were underwater it was nice to see them, as we could clearly see the light colour of their bottom jaw through the water. The dolphins we encountered in the afternoon were bottlenose dolphins. We encountered a nice group of at least 20 individuals very close to shore not far from Ponta Delgada. We got to see some really nice jumps and synchronised surfacing from these dolphins, putting a nice end to our day.

Photos from this afternoon:

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