Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Amazing morning with the 3 largest animals in the world!

Blue, fin and sei whales, they are the three largest animals in the world and this morning we saw these beautiful animals. We started our morning with three sei whales - the third largest animal in the world - we could see them very well. They were always stay calm on the surface. A few minutes later, we sailed a little and.. surprise!! A blue whale - the largest animal in the world - right next to us and more sei whales further away!! This blue whale were always near us, coming to the surface to breathe, show off its size and also with a very calm behaviour. After a while, we decide go to meet with our friends the dolphins. We started with common dolphins, the group were really calm and big, with newborn babies so cute and beautiful. To finish our morning we had another encounter with dolphins, but a mixed group of common dolphin with bottlenose dolphins, swimming in the same area - messing around with each other. When we stopped to see them, the bottlenose dolphins received us with fantastic high jumps. We had a fantastic morning with five different species of cetaceans (as some of our boats also encountered fin whales). Its are days like these that are worth everything and fill our hearts.

Sei whale - can you see the blow holes?

Sei whale

Sei whale

Two sei whale on the surface

Blue whale about to surface

Blue blow

Blue whale

Almost a fluke

Common dolphin

Watching bottlenose dolphins

Watching bottlenose dolphins

Not a sharp photo, but they were so cute together

Watching bottlenose dolphins

The captain of the catamaran Cetus and our two zodiacs

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keith scovell said...

Wow! Sei, Fin and Blue Whale, you are very lucky! Amazing!

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