Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bowriding whales and jumping dolphins

Today we had whales more or less everywhere. We spent the morning with playful sei whales once again showing their amazing bowriding behaviour. They might not surface a lot but we get to be so close to such large and wild animals. It can change hearts. We also encountered bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins. In the afternoon the bottlenose dolphins put on a real show jumping many times very high, both front flips and back flips. Such gift from the dolphins as the whales encounter was a bit difficult. We had two fin whales out there but they did longs dives and only came to the surface to take one or two breath at the time so it was difficult to see them well. So, the dolphins compensated the whales shyness with their tricks.

Photos from today:

Sei whale about to surface

Sei whale 

Sei whale 

On board Cetus

Bottlenose dolphins about to surface


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