Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Eye contact with a baby whale

Today we had sei whales everywhere. In the morning we started with one group of about 4 whales, but more boats arrived too so we tried an other area with 5 or more sei whales. We had a mother with a baby and the baby started showing a great interest in our catamaran and started swimming really close, back and forth in front of us. We made eye contact with this baby whale as its surfaced with it head out of the water to look at us. Sometimes the baby dived and then surfaced close to us - surprise! But all the time the mother was on our side keeping an eye on us and her baby. The other adults were surfing the waves like dolphins. Such blessed moment to have this amazing time with these sei whales. After the whales, we encountered a small group of common dolphins. Acting just like the whales, very playful and surfing the waves.

The afternoon was just as great in terms of the sei whales. We actually went to search for a male sperm whale that our lookout had spotted to the west of the island, but ended up coming across sei whales again. Just when we were explaining to our passengers on one of our zodiacs that we were looking for the blow of a sperm whale, we were surprised when a small sei whale suddenly surfaced right next to our boat. Like the morning it turned out that there were several whales, again travelling close to the surface and sometimes coming to check us out in our zodiac boats. In the afternoon we also encountered some groups of common dolphins and our swimmers enjoyed the company of bottlenose dolphins

Photos from the morning:

Hello baby whale!

The curious calf

Sei whale

Sei whale

Sei whale

Watching common dolphins bowriding

Watching common dolphins bowriding

Common dolphin

Photos from the afternoon:

A group of common dolphins on the way home

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