Monday, May 18, 2015

Fin whales, dolphins and flying fish

Today we had many fin whales off the south coast of São Miguel Island. Throughout the day their behaviour was very calm, and so was the ocean so that we could enjoy some really nice encounters. In the morning we had several whales and we were going between at least 4 different individuals when they were coming to the surface. In the afternoon we also encountered 4 fin whales, this time travelling close together. A few times they rolled over so that we could see the white of their bellies and the tips of their tails sticking out of the water. At one time it even looked like two of them were mating!

Our dolphin encounters today were just as nice as our whale encounters. In both the morning and the afternoon we encountered the well-known group of bottlenose dolphins that we refer to as the group of Bubblemaker - a dolphin we named so because of its behaviour of blowing a trail of bubbles before surfacing. In the morning we some some nice interactions and social behaviour between the individuals of the group. In the afternoon we observed some more social behaviour, as well as a different type of interesting behaviour...the dolphins were chasing flying fish at the surface. The dolphins were going after them very quickly, making the fish come out of the water and fly through the air. In return the dolphins also started showing off their capacity to leap through the air. What a nice show to finish off the day!

Photos from today:

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