Friday, May 8, 2015

Jumping dolphins

Today was a day of dolphins. In the early morning our lookout did spot some whale blows, but none of the boats out on the water managed to find these elusive whales. Nevertheless, we did enjoy some nice encounters with two of our resident dolphin species: bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins. The common dolphins were a bit more shy than usual, but we did get to see them well as they were leaping out of the waves. The bottlenose dolphins were also jumping, only much higher. We got to see an amazing show as the larger males were showing off their impressive size and strength with their high vertical and syncronised jumps. 

Bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphin close to the coastline of Caloura

Playful bottlenose dolphins

One ouf our zodiacs boats with the dolphins bowriding in front

Enjoying the sun on the top deck of our catamaran

Common dolphin

Passing by Vila Franca Islet

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