Sunday, June 21, 2015

A day with 3 of our residents

Today we had some wonderful encounters with 3 of our resident species: sperm whales, bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins. Each encounter was nice in its own way, in both the morning and the afternoon. We were blessed to be surrounded by many baby dolphins, especially in the groups of common dolphins that had some tiny wrinkly newborns swimming around them. Some clients aboard our zodiac also got to see a baby sperm whale among the familiar sperm whale group that we had in the area today. As well as this baby there were several adults in the group that we got to encounter in the morning and afternoon. One that we encountered on both tours was an individual with a white mark on its back that looks like a paint spill. By analysing our photos later we will be able to determine exactly who we encountered today, as we can recognise the individuals by these unique marks that they have on their bodies and tails.

Photos from this morning:

Watching bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins - mother and calf 

One of our resident sperm whales "Elsemiek" going on a deep dive

A sperm whale with a distinctly marked back

Photos from the afternoon:

The white-backed sperm whale from the morning resighted

Sperm whales logging

Sperm whale tail tip

Common dolphins

Watching common dolphins from the catamaran

A raft of Cory's shearwaters seen in the area of the common dolphins

Baby bottlenose dolphin peaking out from behind its mother

Bottlenose dolphin lobtailing

The final show of the day - leaping bottlenose dolphins!

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