Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A sperm whale family

Today in the morning we had a meeting with a sperm whale family that created a lot of "aah" and "ooh" aboard our catamaran. About seven sperm whales logging, rolling around and spy-hopping together and slowly approaching us. At the same time we had one sperm whale fluking far away, a mother and baby on our left side and another female to our front so we were surrounded by whales (at least 11 whales). Before and after the whales we spent time with common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. And lots of loggerhead turtles (and one of our boats got a glimpse of a fin whale). In the afternoon we also encountered sperm whales, pilot whales, common dolphins and striped dolphins

Video of the common dolphins bowriding

Common dolphins

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin chasing a fish

Bottlenose dolphin chasing a fish

Sperm whale family

Sperm whale on its side, can you see the eye?

Sperm whales

Sperm whales spyhopping

Sperm whales

Our biologists Marina showing images of the animals

Our biologists Laura showing images of the animals

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